The historic Lowell School is part of the Lowell Village vision of nurturing a vibrant community in Downtown Grand Junction. Originally built in 1925 as an elementary school, it later became the R-5 High School in 1971. The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) bought the building in 2015 and R-5 moved to a new home. The building has had minimal alterations over its almost 100 year history and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Lowell School currently houses several businesses and non-profits. The vision for the building is for it to become an incredible neighborhood hub and home to small/creative office users and community serving commercial space.


Join us for the next chapter of restoring this historic building to its former splendor and adding another gem to the unfolding revitalization of Downtown Grand Junction!

For general information, please contact Jeremy Nelson at Downtown Grand Junction REgeneration LLC at 970-422-1548 or jnelson@REgenerationDevelopment.com.

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